Green Funerals

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Green Funerals

Green funerals, or eco funerals, refer to funerals that care for the deceased with minimal environmental impact. Meyler & Son Funeral Directors assists in the arrangement of green funerals at Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground, Kiltealy, Co. Wexford. We find that more and more people are becoming concerned with the impact humans are having on the earth and wish to make a conscious contribution to lessening their own impact. Green burials are a respectful, traditional service and meet the requirements of all religious traditions.

Our main areas of consideration when planning green funerals are:

  • The conservation of natural resources

  • The preservation of the environment

  • The protection of the health of industry workers

The caskets we use are produce in a way that is carbon-neutral, are easily biodegradable and don’t add any toxins to the earth. Green caskets or a shroud are used when the body is buried as opposed to outer burial containers as outer burial containers can damage the surrounding environment.

Meyler & Son Funeral Directors provide green funeral arrangements for all religions and denominations.