Humanist Funerals

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Humanist Funerals

Humanist funerals are unique, non-religious ceremonies which are tailored to the wishes of the deceased and those remembering them. When arranging a humanist funeral, Meyler & Son Funeral Directors always attempt to create the perfect balance between mourning the loss of a loved one with a celebration of the life that was lived.

Generally, humanist funerals feature thoughtful reflections from family and friends interspersed with music and appropriate, well-chosen words from the celebrant.

Meyler & Son Funeral Directors has extensive experience in arranging humanist funerals and we pride ourselves on our ability to adopt a specialised approach to each service. We consult closely with the loved ones of the deceased, listening to all requests and outlining all relevant information to ensure a fitting service is delivered.

Funerals can be held at any time, though there may be some time restrictions involved with ceremonies held in a crematorium. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Where Can Humanist Funerals Be Held?

Humanist funerals can be held in a number of suitable venues, including:

  • In A Crematorium

  • At The Graveside

  • In the Funeral Parlour

  • At A Hotel

  • A Community Hall

  • In Gardens

  • A Woodland

  • A Marquee

  • A Private Home